How To Use Your Wealth And Power

Often Times PUAs feel like they need to get women to pay for them to be cool. While that is certainly a possibility, like everything else it is situational. All three of us (Mr. P. L. Ayer, Mr. B. A. PUA and myself) have had women give us tens of 100os of dollars or invest in our business opportunities.

However, that is not something that is cool. It is just something that is. Women with money will pay for things….or invest in things….

Now the other side of the coin is a man who has wealth a power. Being a PUA is so much easier for the man with wealth and power, it is like being a good looking guy. However, I am shocked at how many men don’t know how to use their wealth and power to get the cream of the crop.

You can get “cream of the crop women” without money, but it is so much easier with money. SO if you have it use.

I will be writing a book on the subject shortly and 1 on 1 consulting on the topic is available immediately and a webinar/seminar will be organized shortly on the topic.

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