What IS A PUA?

What Is A Pick Up Artist?

Well I suppose any man that overcomes his fear of approach can become a successful pick up artist by shear quantity of approach. I knew guys in college who would get so drunk that would walk up to 100 women and ask them if they wanted to “F**K”. If they asked enough people, depending on a few other factors, they would always have success.

Does that qualify? Well yes, minimally if a guy like this can get laid whenever he wants by this crude technique, he is somewhat cause over his own sexual fate and we would call him a crude pick up artist.

The next level up is the guy that most people consider a PUA. Someone who learns some lines that are a little less crude but actually is more or less the same. He is not a MASTER PUA, he simply approaches a number of women with a pre-packaged line or technique and a certain percentage respond. But if he can do this at will, he is cause over his own sexual life and we will say he is a less crude PUA.

He cannot however, think situationally.  He techniques are ones he learned from someone else – not ones developed for himself.  So often he has success but he does not like the kind of women he succeeds with. After all, the techniques were developed to solve someone else’s problems not his.

Next up the line of mastery is the guy who can think with different situations. He realizes there are different situations and different personalities. He no longer uses one type of approach but has a variety of approaches that he applies situationally. He analyzes what he observes and chooses from a variety of techniques and uses the one he believes will work. He learns by his mistakes and refines his techniques to work in a variety of situations. Here we find the beginning of mastery, as he is approaching developing techniques that apply to himself and his situation.

Next we have the lower level of mastery. The PUA who can observe a situation or personality and select from a variety of techniques or work out a technique that will work in that situation or on that personality. He may have failures but he can work out solutions to those situations fairly quickly.

Then we have the MASTER PUAthe man who knows the basic principals of human interaction, communication, sexuality, and relationships so well that he qualifies his targets before approaching,  can work out successful strategy for any situation, and closes 80-90% of his approaches. He is also able to establish and maintain multiple relationships without resorting to deceit and/or duplicity.

Finally we have the supreme MASTER PUA the man who knows the basic principals of human interaction, communication, sexuality, and relationships so well that he can work out successful strategy on the spot on ANY Approach, and he CAN APPROACH ANYONE.  He closes 100% of his approaches and he is also able to establish and maintain multiple relationships without resorting to deceit and/or duplicity.

In “Dating To Relating – From A To Z” you will find the basic principals of supreme mastery.

In Our webinars, seminars, boot-camps, and One-On-One coaching you will learn the ATTITUDES, SKILLS, and KNOWLEDGE necessary to apply these mastery principles to your situation to handle YOUR problems.

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